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      Regulator Hobbywing QuicRun 10BL120 120A sensorowy

      249,99 zł

      Producent: Hobbywing
      Kod: 016926
      Wysyłka:24 godziny
      Produkt dostępny (4 sztuka)
      Waga:0.20 kg
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      The QUICRUN series of Hobbywing ESC's is the latest range of competitively priced brushed and brushless Speed Controllers for use in a wide range of RC vehicle applications.


      The Hobbywing QUICRUN range is suitable for 1/10th touring car / buggy / F1 / drift car, etc. The QUICRUN ESCs are packed with unique features including built-in capacitor module for a neat and hassle-free install, multiple built-in safety features such as, Low voltage cut-off protection, Over-heat protection and throttle signal loss protection all of which increase the speed controllers durability.


      The ESC's also support external programming and offer a large array of settings including Proportional brake with 4 steps of maximum brake force adjustment and 8 steps of drag-brake force adjustment. There is 9 steps of acceleration (punch) adjustment from “soft” to “very aggressive” to suit different kinds of models, tires and tracks.


      The QUICKRUN ESCs also have a neat "one touch" button feature to set the ESC, making it incredibly easy to set up or reset all parameters to the factory default settings.


      • High performance but low price, users can own this reliable race-ready ESC at an affordable cost.

      • Compact size, suitable for various car chassis.
      • Auto identification system can recognize sensored / sensorless brushless motors automatically.
      • Core competition program for excellent control feel and multiple programmable items.
      • 8 steps of timing adjustment greatly increase the output power of the motor, and unlock its maximum potential.
      • Proportional brake with 4 steps of Maximum Brake Force adjustment, 8 steps of Drag Brake Force adjustment and 4 steps of Initial Brake Force adjustment.
      • 9 steps of acceleration (punch) adjustment, from “soft” to “very aggressive” to fit for different kinds of cars, tires and tracks.
      • Multiple protections: Low voltage cut-off protection for Lipo or NiMH battery / Over-heat protection / Throttle signal loss protection / Motor Lock-up protection.
      • One-button (the “SET” button on the ESC) to set the ESC, and easy to reset all parameters to the factory default settings.
      • Compatible with the optional device - the portable Digital LED Program Card, especially convenient for outdoor use.


      Current: 120A / 760A (burst current)
      Motor Type Supported: Sensored / Sensorless Brushless Motor
      Voltage: 4-9 Cells NiMH, 2-3S LiPoly
      Motor Limit (4-6 cells NiMH / 2S LiPo): ≥3.5T (1/10 On-road), ≥4.5T (1/10 Off-road)
      Motor Limit (8-9 cells NiMH / 3S LiPo): ≥8.5T (1/10 On-road), ≥10.5T (1/10 Off-road)
      BEC Output: 6V/2A (linear Mode)
      Weight : 105g
      Size : 43 x 36 x 33mm
      Scale: 1:10


      Please note: Program card sold separately.

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